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In and Outreach builds a community with families and friends to help them stay connected with their inmates. Through us, people can send messages, photos, and make phone calls to their loved ones in prisons at a very low price.

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We welcome creative people to join our work force and help us build a community even more strongly. Our business model is based on communications and we need more innovative ideas to present us better to people who are in need of our services.

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The single most important thing in maintaining good relationships is communication. Incarcerated individuals and their families struggle immensely with this. The fallout is manifested in the separation of families and friends, loss of all kinds of relationships. Children feel both incomplete and insecure without their parent. The inmate feels isolated not just from those he/ she loves, but from society as a whole and therefore his/ her personal and reasoning skills can suffer. In REALITY the world DOES

just pass them by. It is a constant struggle to keep up and understand this ever-changing world even when you’re in it. Those who are removed from it stand little chance in their attempts to “keep up”. Newspapers, magazines, and the like all help, but none can compete with real contact.
That’s where In and Outreach comes in,

In and Outreach is more than a company. Its more, even, than a communications company. We are about not just keeping families and friends in touch, but also about making the transitions from freedom to incarceration and back as smooth as possible. We offer several assistance aids to communications. But also, we are developing a complete platform including consulting, re-entry education, family help programs, and more.

Our ever-expanding options and opportunities are designed to keep you MORE than in touch. They are designed to help hold families together, provide new opportunities, and to make sure that the incarcerated individual has every chance to succeed once he/ she is released.

We hope that you will take a minute to get to know us. We hope that you will offer suggestions and help us in achieving the absolute BEST quality of not just service and options, but of true help and resources in order to help you and your loved ones succeed in all that you were meant to succeed in.

The employees and friends of In and Outreach have a vested interest in helping, counseling, and providing benefits for those who are in and out of prisons all over America. We all have friends and families that are there or have been there. We KNOW the struggles and challenges. And now we are here to help.

Thank you for choosing us. You have other options, we know. But we believe that we are the most adept and the most concerned with all that we do. In the end, it is all about people helping people. Please check back regularly and see our progress and updates about features and resources that will be steadily coming online that will help you and your loved one with whatever task or trial you come up against.

God bless you and your families. And, again, thank you for choosing Un and Outreach and giving us the opportunity to grow into something that truly makes a difference in the lives of the incarcerated and recently incarcerated and their families.