We provide you a simple, affordable way to stay in
touch with your inmate from any phone,
tablet, or computer.

At In and Outreach, we offer MANY services that are not obvious to the outside user. For instance: 
If an inmate would like to send flowers to someone for Valentine’s Day. They can contact us from the inside and we will facilitate that desire as long as there re sufficient funds in their account.

If they desire books or magazine subscriptions.. again, as long as the funds are available in their In and Outreach account, we will facilitate the ordering of media.
This is makes it easier for them AND you as well.

The Bureau of Prisons as well as State Prisons make use of third party phone services. these companies charge OUTRAGEOUS per minute (or per call) rates. In the FBOP, they charge 21 cents a minute, or $3.15 per 15 minute call. With a local number, the BOP only charges 6 cents a minute, or .90 for a phone call.

At In and Outreach we LOVE GOOGLE! bUtteh simple fact is that their services fail… over and over again. I and o uses REAL phone service providers in order to get you RELIABLE service call after call and month after month. Plus, we have customer service and technical assistance on staff to help you anytime!

With SMS/ texting services, the messages come STRAIGHT TO YOUR PHONE iwthout you hving to login to Corlinks, dal with CAPCHA, set up an account with them, etc. This function allows the inmate to reach out to theor loved ones WITHOUT creating a bunch of hassel for those out there in the busy world.

Absolutely not! For our text service clients we provide a plethora of additional services like GOOGLE searches, USPS tracking, song lyrics, horoscopes, stock watch services, and much, much MORE! This is an invaluable tool for those on the inside.

Yes, again. Please check out the SUCCESS! icon on our homepage under re-entry services. This program provides the tools necessary for the recently incarcerated. 

Yes!!! In and Outreach sipartenered with an OUTSTANDING resource called FAIRSHAKE.NET. Through this link, you can find funding for school, grants for tools, jobs, and more.