Send Letters To Inmates In A Hassle-Free Way

We provide you a simple, affordable way to stay in touch with your inmate from
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Send Letters To Inmates In A Hassle-Free Way

It is not easy to communicate with prisoners. Inmates family members need to follow rules and regulations for a meeting or sending letters. There are many websites that promise you to send your messages to your inmates, and for which, they charge you higher. Don’t get trapped by their lofty offers and discounts. You end up sending more even if you buy inmate communication service on discount. In And Outreach comes up with a transparent service that helps you send letters or greeting cards to inmates. We connect you easily with your inmates. You need to keep the message ready only. 

There are a few things that a sender must keep in mind while writing a letter for inmates. Senders must mention their full name and address with the letters. In most cases, prison authorities search, check and read letters before giving letters to inmates.

Though you can write anything in your letter, make sure that the letters do not contain any obscene and they should not be a threat to rules and discipline. You cannot enclose anything with the letters. If senders do not want to mention their names and address, they need to mention the envelop address. Letters must have sufficient postage to cover the costs.

In And Outreach also requests inmates family that they must not send original documents to inmates. Copies of the document can be sent. Since it is a communication between inmates and their families, the law has its own restrictions. Sending confidential or medical information is considered to be unwise. Your letters can be rejected by the jail authority if it talks about an on-going trial.

Like letters, sending greeting cards to inmates are also common. For those who want to send cards to inmates, they need to maintain a reasonable size for the cards. Padded or pouched cards are not accepted. Senders cannot send musical cards alone. You need to mention a complete detail with the cards.

Inmates family must mention the prisoner’s name and number with their message. We understand how difficult it is for you to communicate with your loved one in prisons. You need to face rules in every step. To make the process simple, In And Outreach comes up with some easy options. Keep your message ready and send it to us. We take the burden of clearing laws and deliver your message to your inmates. For more details and services, please visit our official website.

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