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It is important to note that NOT ALL BOP locations will allow greeting cards to enter. Still others will copy them and give the inmates that copy. We at In and Outreach understand that we must contend with BOP security protocol, but still strive to enact good communication between the inmate and their family and loved ones.

So we offer a couple of solutions for you:

IF the institution your loved one is in allows greeting cards… We will send greeting cards printed on white paper (card stock) with custom pictures, in-house scenes (pictures) and the greeting. It will be sent in a WHITE envelope ensuring compliance with the individual institution’s requirements.

IF the institution DOES NOT allow greeting cards… we can create a NON-FOLDED, WHITE-PAPER, over and under style card on heavy card stock. This presents the greeting card in LETTER FORMAT that is compliant with ALL FBOP institutions.

Either format allow you to inscribe your custom message for your loved one to let them know that what you have sent is from the heart. Its personal therefore its REAL.

At In and Outreach we strive to do all that we can while keeping in compliance with all BOP regulations and policies both written and implied. While doing this, it is ALWAYS possible that the institution will still refuse admittance of certain mail. While sympathetic to this scenario, we must advise you, the customer, that we cannot issue any refunds for cards that are not allowed to be admitted. In the event that a card is declined/returned, you will be notified as soon as we receive the card so that you will know of the change in policy at the particular institution or FOR your particular loved one.

As always, THANK YOU for choosing IN and OUTREACH for your communication needs.

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