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One of the greatest hardships for the incarcerated is keeping in touch with their family and friends. This is further exacerbated by the fact that most prisons are NOT located in your hometown and require “TOLL DIALING” from the prison so that your loved one pays MORE THAN THREE DOLLARS A CALL! Local numbers are the only solution!

In and Outreach provides local number service to most all prisons nationwide. In the FBOP, this drops the prisoners price from $3:15 for a fifteen minute call to on $0.90! THAT’S HUGE!

For a local number that forwards to any US State, In and Outreach only charges 8.99 for one line. So inmates can keep in touch not just with one relative, but several for LESS than most other companies charge for ONE local number. 

Service to ANY COUNTRY is available. Pricing varies by the country and the service requirements of the specific area called.

MEXICO calls are $8.25 for a fifteen minute call in the FBOP -THAT’S $.55 A MINUTE. With In and Outreach, you pay your standard $8.99 a month and then only $.10 a minute. OR you can purchase a month’s worth of calling to Mexico for only $28.99 for most areas! The savings are truly AMAZING!

other country rates are available upon request. ALL SAVE YOU SIGNIFICANT MONEY!

Affordable Communication:

In and Outreach brings to you an affordable communication option. We promise you to keep the call rate cheaper. We have no hidden charges and you can also cancel your subscription anytime without paying any charge.

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