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A gift presents your emotional message to your inmates.

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Inmates are suffering from isolation problem and it does not help them to improve their look to the world and life. You can play a big role and make them feel connected with real life by sending gifts to them. In And Outreach arranges everything for you. Gift smiles with this thought.

Let us help you send a gift

We won’t lie to you, the options for BOP allowed gifts is minimal. But there are a few things that we can offer to bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

Just type in the keyword for the subject of your calendar request! Such as “dogs”, or “pretty girls”, or “Nascar”, etc. Then our customer service agents will HAND PICK what best fits your criteria and get it mailed to that person through the proper channels.

Custom Calendars
Create a calendar by uploading YOUR OWN pictures or using some that you already have on file with us. THIS is a gift that is totally unique to you and your tastes and desires and limited only by your own imagination. From family photos of special occasions throughout the year to rare scenery such as pictures from the back porch of your country home or WHATEVER you think might appeal to your loved one.

Of course you can always send money to them via US Mail or Western Union. But you can also ADD money to their account with us in order to allow them to purchase phone services, text services, GOOGLE searches, and more. Then THEY get to decide what is important to them. This also enables them to order postcards and pictures in order to send gifts OUT to those they love.

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