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Other companies make offers of sending post cards to inmates. Some even offer “unlimited” services. 

The simple TRUTH is that this is not true. You send a postcard, then you have to wait until the postcard is processed, printed, emailed, AND delivered BEFORE you can build another. Then they deliver a postcard that is more advertising for their company than actual picture.

In and Outreach believes in TRANSPARENCY!

For a flat rate of $1.75 per card, In and Outreach allows you to choose a photo that will occupy the exact space as the photo album sleeves that are sold in the BOP. Place your personal message on the back. You can do this as often as you like with TRULY no limits. You can do the math.. buy a postcard, pay for postage, and how much money is left from $1.50? We offer this service for the benefit of our friends and loved ones behind bars. And we do it because we CARE.

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