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SMS helps you send messages faster to your inmates.
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This is a totally unique service that allows the inmate to create an email that converts to an SMS (text) message so that you receive it just like any other text message. But, more than that, YOU can send them texts back! Each service comes with its own dedicated phone number for security and convenience. You’ll never have to deal with Corrlinks again!!!! This is an INCREDIBLE benefit for you AND your loved one.

Help inmates improve them

Our Inmate Services options for email/SMS customers include MANY features for the user including:

  • USPS tracking- many FBOP Units do NOT properly handle certified mail and return tracking receipts. With this function the inmate can check on the status of their legal mail or other package by simply typing in the tracking number an we’ll do the rest!
  • GOOGLE Searches: Inmate users will be able to see the headings and information on the first page of a GOOGLE query.
  • LYRICS function will allow them to find oft-sought song lyrics.
  • TABS is a feature that searches for guitar tabs
  • HOROSCOPES sends their daily horoscope
  • WOD send them the WORKOUT OF THE DAY
  • WEATHER functions allow them to see the forecast for their area
  • MARKET allows them to see the market averages and daily volume
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